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Ditch the sugary “Sports Drinks” – Rehydrate with REFYNE USA Fulvic Acid!

Imagine it’s a hot summer day and you are outside enjoying your favorite form of exercise; hiking, running, biking, or even weight training. There is no doubt that you are sweating A LOT, because you are a badass that always gives it your all, right? Right! Well not only is your body losing a bunch of water, but it’s also losing precious electrolytes that help us maintain our hydration. Now, afterward, you have always thought that “sports drinks” that end with –ade are best to rehydrate, correct? Wrong!

Rehydrate REFYNE USA with fulvic acid
Rehydrate REFYNE USA with fulvic acid

Hydration Basics

As stated above, when we lose water we also lose electrolytes. An imbalance of

electrolytes can throw off the balance of intracellular (water inside of our cells) and extracellular (water outside of our cells) hydration. Sodium is the main electrolyte in balancing extracellular fluid while potassium is the main electrolyte in balancing intracellular fluid. The other electrolytes that don’t get as much attention are calcium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium. As you can see, along with water, there are many other elements we need to support hydration. Osmolytes are just as important as electrolytes. Osmolytes are essentially low-molecular-weight organic compounds that influence the properties of biological fluids. They manage the level of electrolytes (ionic-charged mineral salts) and are made up of amino acids and glucose.

Our bodies always want to keep the same amount of osmolytes inside the cells as outside of the cells. If dehydration occurs and the balance between these two fluid levels is severe or

prolonged, cell functions can begin to shut down.

Myth – Sports Drinks Provide Superior Hydration

We have all been tricked to believe that the most popular sports drinks are the best thing

after a hard bout of exercise, or even when we are sick and become dehydrated that way. The reality is, most of these drinks provide MINIMAL electrolytes, some even contain less than the Pedialyte we give our tiny children that are less than half of our size. Not to mention the loads of sugar that are crammed into them. Also, we can’t forget about the dyes and colorings to make them look appealing. Does that sound like the best option when trying to hydrate?

Fact – Fulvic Acid Provides Superior Hydration Support – Rehydrate with REFYNE USA Fulvic Acid!

Luckily, MLG-50 Fulvic Acid contains over seventy ionic-charged major and trace

mineral electrolytes with a balance of sodium and potassium, including 18 amino acids. So not only does it provide the major electrolytes needed, but it can also provide other compounds needed to help balance osmolytes, therefore helping to achieve a superior balance between intracellular and extracellular hydration. This makes a lot of sense looking at a recent study that shows amino acid-based rehydration beverages provide superior rehydration and electrolyte replacement over glucose-based sports beverages.


So, if you are looking for a supplement that can actually provide nutrients to help your

body achieve optimal hydration, look no further than our MLG-50 Fulvic Acid. It can be found in our Pre-Workout Enhanced with Fulvic Acid Series or simply taken in any of our capsulated forms. Just be sure to drink plenty of water on a daily basis and your hydration will be on point. Rehydrate with REFYNE USA Fulvic Acid!

Check out our wide selection of Fulvic Acid Products below.

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