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25% off our Original Flavor! Discounted until further notice.


REFYNE Pre-Workout is designed to deliver the best results by cutting the junk so you don't have to worry about what you're putting in your body and focus on your workout!



REFYNE Pre-Workout Royal Raspberry

  • A quality pre-workout is a big investment for your body. We’ve all purchased expensive products that come with a scoop the size of your fingertip. If you’re like us we saw something wrong with this… especially when you’ve got to purchase one every month with your hard earned dollars.

    Then you have to deal with tricks like proprietary blends, underdosing, and labeling funny business that says “30 servings per container,” but the fine print says in order to get a full dose, you need to take two scoops. Come on, man! You’ve just spent all that money for only 15 full servings. We did some homework and decided to pack our formula with the right amount of ingredients for a powerful workout with 30 full servings! Our formula delivers more than just a shot of energy and a quick pump. Our pre-workout scoop/dose is 2-4x the size of most the competition and yet we are priced the same!  Give Refine a try, we make small batch premium pre workout blends with attention to detail.

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