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How to Lose 1 Pound of Fat Per Week!

Is it really possible to lose 1 pound of fat per week? Absolutely! Although the best way to

lose fat and make sure you keep it off is to lose it very gradually over time by changing your

nutrition and activity to something sustainable for the rest of your life. This article will describe two ways to lose unwanted fat; calorie deficit through nutrition and calorie deficit through activity.


If you have continually been storing excess body fat, that means one thing and only one

thing, you are in a caloric surplus. This means that the amount of calories that you consume in a day is greater than the number of calories you burn in one day. Take note that 3500 excess calories equal 1 pound of stored body fat. So, if you were to eat an extra 500 calories per day above your maintenance calorie level for 7 days (1 week) you would gain an average of 1 pound of fat per week. To learn how to find your maintenance calorie level, check out our blog post, “START YOUR HEALTHY HABITS NOW".

So, if you reverse this trend and decrease your calorie intake to 500 calories below

maintenance per day, after 7 days you should burn off approximately 1 pound of fat (3500

calories). As stated at the beginning of the blog post, try not to lose too much too fast because it can make it much easier to gain it back. Even a 250-calorie deficit per day can get you to lose 2 pounds per month, that’s almost 25 pounds per year!


Nutrition is only 1 of the ways to be in a calorie deficit. That’s without changing your

activity level at all! Imagine what can be done if you increased your activity AND decrease your calorie intake at the same time. If you strive for the “10,000 steps a day” like you see all over the place, you can expend approximately 500 calories. Even if you only set a goal to take 5,000 more steps than you are right now AND eat in a 250-calorie deficit, that’s a total of a 500-calorie deficit. That puts you right on track to lose about 1 pound of fat per week.


In conclusion, here is what you should do if you want to lose body fat:

  1. Calculate your average maintenance calorie requirement [CAN ALSO LINK OTHER BLOG POST HERE].

  2. Once you find your maintenance calorie requirement, aim to eat about 250 calories less.

  3. For the double whammy, add an extra 5000 steps a day OR any exercise that will burn about 250 calories. At that pace, you could lose 1 pound per week, 4 pounds per month, or approximately 50 pounds in one year!

If you find yourself hitting a plateau, simply decrease your daily calorie intake very gradually

and/or add more physical activity. As always, if you have any questions or need any help, do not hesitate to reach out to our REFYNE U.S.A. team via social media or our website. Now it’s time you REFYNE yourself!

If you want more energy, more endurance, more focus, and better blood flow to help

improve your physical activity, check out our REFYNE U.S.A. PRE-WORKOUT.

Test before you invest. Try a sample of each formula and flavor and get a shaker bottle with it.

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